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First Reading, A reading from the book of Genesis 18:1-10

Lord, do not bypass your servant.

The Lord appeared to Abraham at the Oak of Mamre while he was sitting by the entrance of the tent during the hottest part of the day. He looked up, and there he saw three men standing near him. As soon as he saw them he ran from the entrance of the tenet to meet them, and bowed to the ground. 'My Lord', he said 'I beg you, if I find favour with you, kindly do not pass your servant by. A little water shall be brought; you shall wash your feet and lie down under the tree. Let me fetch a little bread and you shall refresh yourselves before going further. That is why you have come in your servant's direction.' They replied, 'Do as you say'..

Abraham hastened to the tent to find Sarah. 'Hurry', he said 'knead three bushels of flour and make loaves'. Then running to the cattle Abraham took a fine and tender calf and gave it to the servant, who hurried to prepare it. Then taking cream, milk and the calf he had prepared, he laid all before them, and they ate while he remained standing near them under the tree.

'Where is your wife Sarah?' they asked him. 'She is in the tent', he replied. Then his guest said., 'I shall visit you again next year without fail and your wife will then have a son'.

This is the word of the Lord

Second Reading, A Reading from the letter of St Paul to the Colossians Col 1:24-28

The mystery hidden for centuries has now been revealed to his saints.

It makes me happy to suffer for you, as I am suffering now, and in my body to do what I can make up all that has still to be undergone by Christ for the sake of his body, the Church. I became the servant of the Church when God made me responsible for delivering God's message to you, the message which was a mystery hidden for generaions and centuries and has now been revealed to his saints. It was God's purpose to reveal it to them and to show all the rich glory of this mystery to pagans. The mystery is Christ among you, your hope of glory: this is the Christ we proclaim, this is the wisdom in which we thoroughly train everyone and instruct everyone, to make them all perfect in Christ.

This is the word of the Lord

Gospel: A reading from the holy Gospel according to Luke Lk 10:38-42

Martha took up the duties in the house. Mary chose the better part.

Jesus came to the village, and a woman named Martha welcomed him into her house. She had a sister called Mary, who sat down at the Lord's feet and listened to him speaking. Now Martha who was distracted with all the serving said, 'Lord, do you not care that my sister is leaving me to do the serving all by myself? Please tell her to help me'. But the Lord answered: 'Martha, Martha,' he said 'you worry and fret about so many things, and yet few are needed, indeed only one. It is Mary who has chosen the better part; it is not to be taken from her'.

This is the Gospel of the Lord.